Physical Intervention Training 

What is Physical Intervention?

Physical Intervention is a response to challenging behaviour which involves physical contact to limit the movement of a person displaying challenging behaviour. The physical contact could include manual guidance to stop a person walking or holding a person’s arms to prevent them from hitting someone.

Physical intervention should always be a last resort and as part of training with us  we will look to develop strategies of support with your staff teams to enable staff to reduce the need for physical intervention

What are the benefits of Physical Intervention training for employees and employers?

Morale –Staff satisfaction is very important within a company. If individuals are satisfied with their role, then morale is increased, which in turn, increases work output.

Productivity –Mistakes that could slow systems down are also far less likely to occur if individuals have the best training for the job that they do.

Safety –For many businesses, staff safety is the number one priority. Employees lacking in knowledge and skill are more likely to have an accident in the workplace.

Value –Well trained employees become assets for a business. They add value to the company as a whole, and make internal promotion easier.

Independence –Fewer supervisors are needed when staff know exactly what they need to be doing, and how they need to do it. A fully trained workforce can be trusted to operate independently.