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Whorlton Hall Panorama Special

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

So after a busy week of work last week delivering physical intervention courses. I finally took the time to watch the BBC panorama special which highlighted abuse at a care home in County Durham Whorlton Hall.

From my experience working as a registered manager of care homes looking after adults with learning disabilities and also a physical intervention instructor, I can categorically say. Those individuals do not depict the whole of the care industry. There are thousands of great individuals doing amazing work caring for some of the most vulnerable individuals in society

Also physical intervention of vulnerable individuals will always be an emotive subject. But having highly trained staff team that have a whole host of other accompanying training alongside their physical intervention training helps them to reduce the need for restraint.

The focus of many courses now are to focus on preventing the need for restraint and this can be through a variety of things one of which being positive behaviour support.

PBS is a person-centred approach to supporting people who display or at risk of displaying behaviours which challenge.

It involves understanding the reasons for the behaviour and considering the person as a whole - including their life history, physical health and emotional needs - to implement ways of supporting them. It focuses on creating physical and social environments that are supportive and capable of meeting people's needs, and teaching people new skills to replace the behaviours which challenge.

One such scene within the documentary depicted a service user being restrained on the floor by four staff who proceeded to hand sweets around and take the service users glasses off and wear them.

The service user would regularly wait around the home and looked forward to seeing his sister. By adopting a person centred approach the staff would have been able to support the service user without the need for physical interventions and engaged him in other positive activities that would have diverted his attention.

We here at LUPE Training can provide you and your staff teams with the necessary skills and training to reduce the need for physical intervention. We can also provide you with the skills necessary to intervene in violent situations safely, whilst maintaining the health and the well-being of those that you support

Should you wish to know more about positive behaviour support, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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