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What makes an ideal training space?

Here at LUPE Training we have the luxury of travelling across the country to delivering training to a wide range of sectors in many different training spaces. So we have put together a blog to share what makes a good training space?

LUPE Training's Training Space Top Tips

1. Consider the size of the room, so that participants can move safely, practice the training drills correctly without being on top of one another.

2. Ensure that chairs are comfortable but not too comfortable that participants fall asleep!

3. Make sure that their is a lot of natural lighting as natural light increases productivity and efficiency.

4. Consider access to breakout spaces if group work is involved and ensure facilities are welcoming, we all know first impressions count so first view of the venue will set the tone of the day.

5. Consider the temperature of the room. as the right temperature will help maintain the participants engagement. If the room is too hot or too cold the brain will be constantly reminding the body to do something about that condition. Because of the constant interruption, it is hard for the student to stay focused.

6. Good travel links and parking, a venue that is easy to find and park at will ensure participants are less flustered when they arrive.

How Lupe Training can help?

Lupe Training will always offer free advice to help you find the right training space to get the best out of your Physical Intervention of First Aid training experience with us.

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