• Luke O'Connor

Time is Money

Operating a business as cost effectively as possible is at the forefront of any business owners thinking and this remains relevant when trying to maintain a highly trained staff team to meet the needs of the business.

Having been a manager within the Residential Care sector, I am very mindful of the difficulties of organising training, training those that work night shift often means that I have had to find cover to ensure that the staff have slept prior to training. I have also had occasions where night staff have been absent from training due to their sleep patterns being affected.

All of these issues can have an impact when buying in face to face training. However, it should be acknowledged that training those that work night shifts or late shifts is vital as they often have less staff working alongside them and often less supervision.

So how can we make the most of training those who work late?

We at LUPE Training are flexible in supporting organisations in their training programs and can offer courses at times and locations suitable to you. This could be evenings, through the night or of a weekend.

If this is something that you feel would help your staff team, please feel free to contact us for a discussion about your training.

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