• Luke O'Connor

Physical Intervention Training, West Midlands

So this week has seen many sectors returning to work and getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas and New Year period. Lots of companies and schools take this opportunity to get on top of their staff training.

Well we here at LUPE Training have been here to meet the needs of the many seeing us travelling the length of the country to provide numerous courses to a variety of sectors. We have been to Blackpool, Birmingham, Coventry and Essex.

The main overarching characteristics we see of the professionals that we train is their passion, may it be their passion for learning or their passion for caring for those in society who need it most.

It is always important that we as trainers continue to learn also and it is amazing what we pick up whilst delivering courses up and down the country, for example; I recently learned that there are so many different types of Dementia and it is such a broad spectrum which leaves people diagnosed with it experience a wide variety of symptoms.

If you feel that we here at LUPE Training can support you or your staff with your learning needs, please contact us.


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