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How do I choose the right training provider?

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Today I was out with friends, some of which make up Leadership teams in schools and management in Care homes. The discussion had turned around to my new role as a trainer and part of my role training teachers and care staff in Physical Intervention and First Aid.

One of the points raised by my friends was that they felt that they are steered towards certain providers as they felt that certain training providers are preferred by Ofsted and CQC.

I informed them that Ofsted have stated historically that they do not believe it is the place of the Government or its ministers to steer schools towards third-party programmes or training.

So how do companies choose from the numerous training providers?

One problem for many managers or leadership teams is that there are numerous training providers out there that are offering so called gold class training. When speaking to my friends, I informed them that the most important thing for their companies to consider is due diligence when commissioning or booking any training as ultimately the overall responsibility remains with the company.

Key points to consider when booking training include:

· Qualifications in the required subject and whether they up to date with their qualifications and refresher training.

· Insurance cover, are they insured to cover any work they undertake on your site?

· Is the training they offer fit for purpose, does it meet the needs of your business, has it been medically and legally tested (Physical Intervention).

· What levels of support do they offer after they have provided the training?

· Check what other people are saying about them or have they come recommended.

Why choose to book LUPE Training?

LUPE Training provide training in Physical Intervention and First Aid at work. LUPE Training qualifications are certified through NFPS and Nuco both accredited training providers. LUPE Training have worked in both schools and care settings so have first-hand experience in working in such settings making training more relatable. LUPE Training have also received some great testimonials please see our website www.lupetraining.com.

Should you want to book with Physical Intervention or First Aid training please contact us.

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